No English? Start here!

No English? Read this!


This article is written in easy English for early learners.

If you cannot read this, go to Google Translate, and put it in your native language.
I wrote shorter sentences, so it should work, at least a little bit.



Do you speak English?

If no, this is for you.

I wrote this bit for people who don’t know a lot of words.

People who are learning English feel like they do not know a lot of words, and then they stop learning.

Don’t stop learning!

I want to help.

Here are 4 ideas you need to make sure you can keep going.

1# English should be fun!

So many classes are bad. They make you sleep. You cannot pay attention.

When you do not listen, you cannot learn

When you cannot learn, you cannot speak

When you cannot speak, there is no English.


English is like a game. Do you play chess?


Chess is an easy game to learn, but it takes a long time to learn right.
one piece goes here, one piece moves there, and if you have a plan, you will win.

That is what English is like that. You can learn words, and some grammar, and then you go and speak.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not work.

But just like a game, you should not stop!

Get out there, and keep trying.

How do you win?
You win when you talk to a person, and they listen and talk back to you.

At the store, when you ask for sugar, and someone shows you where it is. You win!

At a restaurant, when you ask for steak, and the waiter says “Do you want it with potatoes?” you win!

At work, when you talk to your boss, and he hears you right the first time, you win!

There’s nothing better than when you win, right?

#2: English has 4 pieces

Every game has pieces. English is the same

The four pieces of English are Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking.

Many people think they are all the same

That is not true.

English reading is easiest.

Maybe English reading isn’t easy, but reading is easier than the others.
Reading is easiest because you can read as fast or as slow as you want.
Maybe you read 1 word every minute

Maybe you read 100 words every minute.

You can read as fast as slow as you want.

The details come as fast or as slow as you can take them in.

Writing is harder than reading, but easier than listening

Writing is a little harder, because you are giving information, not taking it.

Writing can go as fast or slow as you need it to.

You can take time, and look up words you don’t know.

Listening is harder than writing, but easier than speaking

Listening is taking ideas in and thinking about them.

This is not easy, and takes a lot of practice to do it right.

Speaking is the hardest:

Speaking is not easy, you need to know what to say before you say it.

Speaking English and being understood is the hardest thing you can do.

If you can speak, you can listen, or write, or read.

Each piece is part of the others. You cannot speak if you cannot read.

You cannot listen if you cannot write.

You need to start with reading, and never stop reading.

If you read as much as you can, your English will improve.


#3: English takes time and practice

Are you nervous?
That is normal.

Do you like to talk to strangers?
Not many people do…

Do you like to make mistakes?
No one does.

But you need practice.

Write down all the English words you know… is it 5 words? Is it 500? 5000?

Do you want to double that number? What about 10x?

You need a practice buddy.

You cannot learn English by yourself.


#4 Try New Things


Sometimes you get a boring teacher.

Sometimes you get a teacher you do not understand.

Sometimes you can get angry and tired…

Stand up and try something new!
There are 100 ways to learn English.

This place is a good place to start,

Ask me some questions and I will answer them as best as I can for you.
See you soon!

One thought on “No English? Start here!

  • January 16, 2018 at 2:34 pm

    I may say that this article is the greatest. This all is true. Speaking, listening, reading and writing are very important parts of language. But unfortunately some teachers focus on only one part. Thank you for the best article.


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